Dedicated October 28, 2018
Forest Hills, Queens, NY

were you here,
in person or in spirit?
let's hear ...

There on the corner, we could almost imagine a time-warp Walter looking out of his childhood window over a happy, laughing crowd, celebrating his future self, the full blossoming of his talent, and the joy he was to bring them during the too short time he had ahead.


How we miss him

Now his name will be riveted there — for however long rivets last. It's possible, after all, that the young Walter looked out from that window to dream of his actual future ... and of ours. But as well as we thought we understood him, we never really knew his dreams for himself at that young age, did we?

We can only urgently hope that whatever they were, we helped some of them come true.

Unfortunately, the celebrants of this Sunday planned twice as many contests and giveaways as they had time for leaving some pretty cool things lying on the table.*

* ...such as autographed CDs; a carved Polynesian "Tikiri"-type instrument; gold records; EMG-era poster; art flats for catalog reissues and Circus Money; WB's baseball cap from the 43rd annual ('their" year) Grammys; a distinctive stage shirt, some classic Maui T-shirts ("Beware of the dog? Hell! Beware of the FISH!"); enlargements of favorite home snapshots; more


Happily, however, we did manage to distribute our prize party favor; a USB stick containing both of WB's solo albums in high fidelity audio, a small sample of unreleased gems from The Walter Becker Media Site, and a song exclusively previewed for the day's dedication; a Becker/Klein Circus Money-era demo called This Is My Building.[Now posted there!]

It's certainly out-of-bounds in terms of audio fidelity —or infidelity, should we say. It was demo'd exactly once, in Walter's living room, and the audio includes media damage that we cannot seem to repair. But its obvious shortcomings aside, it was just too good to pass up given the occasion.

Walter and Larry had so much fun writing this one, and even though they knew it would not be finished in time to make the album, it delighted them enough to get it down in even this rudimentary form. We are very glad they did, and hope you agree that the trade-offs are worth it.

Thank you to Larry Klein for his unerring support, and to Matt Kerns for all the heavy lifting on this one





What To Do? What To Do? ...
No way are we putting these items back in storage...or, worse, dumping them into some gawd-awful estate sale which is the inevitable fate of all possessions that outlive the progeny.

No - we intend to give away as much of this stuff as we can. We can hold that "Captions Contest" here; we can find a way to run that "Name That Tune" competition -- somehow -- (?) --and we'll do our damndest to get these things to loving forever homes (as the no-kill kennels like to say).

Watch this space.

Let's do the Caption Contest now :-)


The hour did include some wonderful words from wonderful folk: we reprint some of them here.

giveaways a'plenty






We also played some short welcoming videos from stations on the street. Here are a few. We hope others will join them in good time.

And a very big thank you to all who paid a dollar (or more) for a Circus Money t-Shirt, with all sales going to The Jazz Foundation.These fine folks sent along a note of gratitude:

Writing to THANK YOU for the beautiful and greatly needed $1,000 gift you donated to the Jazz Foundation on 10/30/18.

We are honored to be the recipients of your t-shirt sale during this important occasion - and the monies raised will directly impact the (more than) 1200 musicians and their families who we currently "serve" in the States, including Puerto Rico.

Where would any of us be without music -- and without the extraordinary men and women who have devoted their lives, time and talent to enhancing ours.

Obviously I'm speaking to the choir here and just want to send a "personal" note of great appreciation.

Wishing you all very best - peace and music, always,

Bridget Sullivan
Director of Development
Jazz Foundation of America
322 West 48th Street
New York, NY 10036



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